Gaw | Poe LLP Obtains Preliminary Injunction Freezing $1.9 Million of Liquid Assets

SAN FRANCISCO – December 14, 2021 – Gaw | Poe LLP announced today that it obtained a preliminary injunction on behalf of its client, 3411 Capitol Investors, in connection with a dispute over a commercial real estate transaction. 3411 Capitol had invested into a holding company called SPSD Developers LLC for the purpose of purchasing and developing certain real estate located in Fremont, California. Following years of delay and escalating development costs, 3411 Capitol sought to withdraw from the project, but was not allowed to do so by SPSD Developers, who wanted to use 3411 Capitol’s $1.9 million capital contribution for its own purposes. Taking matters into its own hands, 3411 Capitol filed a judicial dissolution lawsuit and sought a preliminary injunction precluding SPSD Developers from dissipating any of its assets. The Court initially issued a temporary restraining order and then granted a preliminary injunction freezing $1.9 million of SPSD’s bank account funds pending the completion of trial in the lawsuit.

The case is 3411 Capitol Investors LLC, et al. v. Khanna, et al., and is pending in the Alameda County Superior Court. The plaintiffs in that case are represented by Gaw | Poe LLP attorneys Randolph Gaw, Samuel Song, and Flora Vigo.

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